You are putting your creative vision out into the world

you want to make sure knitters using your pattern have a great experience

how to do that? Make sure your pattern is clear, complete and error free.


You are in the right place - I can help you with that!




I've been an avid knitter since I was a child, and a lover of words for just as long. After working in project management in technical feilds for a decade, I've put my expperience together to work with creatives like you. I love a good pattern, and polished instructions


- you want to make sure your pattern is the best i can be

- you want to work with someone who respects your unique voice and creative vision 


i provide the feedback you are looking for

i give you an opportunity to let me know what your preferences are for the different elements of the pattern and the overall look and feel of it


Here's what the technical editing process looks like when we work together:

  • You let me know I'll ask about your preferences
  • I'll review your pattern and provide you a quote
  • Based on my current workload, I'll let you know when I'll return your edited pattern
  • you let me know if you would like to go ahead
  • I'll do the edit and return it to you
  • you can ask any followup questions you may have. I'm available to discuss any of the edits, suggestions or questions that I had for you and your material