You want to maximize the impact of your words. You want to connect with your audience and move them to action.

Crystal-clear communication increases your credibility and your results.

I offer different types of editing to help you publish the best possible version of your words.


What type of editing do you need?


You are a confident writer. But you recognize that the more time you spend on your writing, the harder it is to see small errors. You need proofreading.

Typographical errors, spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, repeated words—these minor issues are rough patches that pull your reader’s attention away from your writing.

I polish your prose by eliminating those niggling little distractions for your reader.

I find it hard to proofread my own work - I often read the same mistake over and over again! I’m so glad I hired Heather before going to print. It was a small investment compared to the cost of reprinting (or the embarrassment of sending something out with a silly error).
— Elisa Bloom

Copy Editing

You’ve captured the essence of your message, but the writing feels clunky, and you aren’t sure how to make it better. Your prose would benefit from copy editing.

Copy editing is a mechanical tune-up for your words. It eliminates issues that make your writing unclear.

When copy editing, I address spelling, punctuation, and grammar problems, and I ensure your style is consistent throughout. 

Heather provided the attention to detail my work really needed. Inconsistencies, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure were meticulously and professionally edited.
— Mykel Ziolo

Structural & Stylistic Editing

Your writing is complex: it’s long, you explore challenging ideas, or you weave together a number of elements. You want your topic to be focused and strong from opening to closing paragraph. Structural and stylistic editing will improve flow and smooth language.

Structural editing starts with the underlying foundation. I check organization and content, identify any problems or gaps, and suggest reorganizing where appropriate.

In the stylistic editing step I make sure each paragraph has a coherent focus. I edit sentences, paragraphs, and passages as needed to clarify meaning. That means eliminating wordiness and improving word choices. Throughout I make sure the language, tone and voice fit the needs of your audience.


Ready to get started?

Technical Editing for Creatives

You’ve paired your design vision with instructions, worked through all the numbers and written up a pattern.

Now you want to make sure it’s error-free and user-friendly.

I can provide the quality assurance you are looking for.


I provide the following technical editing to get your knitting, sewing or quilting pattern ready for publication:

To ensure technical accuracy, I check:

  •  all the numbers
  •  the clarity and logic of the instructions
  •  size grading

I review the graphic elements to confirm that:

  • the schematic matches the written instructions
  • all charts are correct and complete
  • all pattern pieces are included

I also proofread the complete pattern to check for typos, spelling errors, and minor formatting issues.

Advanced services offered for knitting patterns

  • Chart creation for lace and colourwork
  • Schematic creation
  • Grading for multiple sizes